Published: 2017-03-31

Identification of some common food items in the guts of fish larvae and juveniles in the Black Sea

I. V. Vdodovich, A. N. Khanaychenko, A. D. Gubanova, E. A. Kolesnikova, L. O. Aganesova

Pages: 3–10

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Diatom culture collection of the Karadag scientific station (Crimea)

N. A. Davidovich, O. I. Davidovich, Yu. A. Podunay

Pages: 18–28

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Taxonomic richness of the fish and decapods of the coastal zone of Abrau Peninsula (North Caucasus, the Black Sea)

E. P. Karpova, A. R. Boltachev, S. V. Statkevich, V. V. Gubanov

Pages: 29–42

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Filamentous green algae, extracellular alkaline phosphatases and some features of the phosphorus cycle in ponds

Chunlei Song, Xiuyun Cao, Yiyong Zhou, N. V. Shadrin

Pages: 66–78

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What did Iliya Mechnikov explored in his PhD Thesis?

K. V. Rusanov

Pages: 79–85

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