Published: 2018-12-28

Characteristics of quantitative distribution of fish and decapod crustaceans in the Mekong Delta during the low-water season of 2018

A. R. Boltachev, E. P. Karpova, S. V. Statkevich, Nguyen Van Thinh, Trinh Thi Lan Chi

Pages: 14–28

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Epiphytic bacteria on the brown algae Fucus vesiculosus Linnaeus, 1753 (Barents Sea)

D. V. Pugovkin, G. M. Voskoboinikov

Pages: 76–83

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Influence of insolation on the dynamics of fucoxanthin content in brown algae of the genus Cystoseira C. Agardh (Black Sea)

V. I. Ryabushko, E. V. Gureeva, M. A. Gureev, M. V. Nekhoroshev

Pages: 84–91

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Erythrocytes of circulating blood of scorpionfish Scorpaena porcus L. 1758 under acute experimental hypoxia

A. A. Soldatov, T. A. Kukhareva, A. Yu. Andreeva, I. A. Parfenova

Pages: 92–100

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