To the memory of I. I. Maslov (12.04.1952 − 29.12.2016)

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Kolesnikova E. A., Boltachev A. R. To the memory of I. I. Maslov (12.04.1952 − 29.12.2016). Marine Biological Journal, 2017, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 99-100.

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Our good friend, a well-known hydrobiologist, an expert in the field of marine algology and environmental protection, an ecologist and aquarist, a scientific secretary, the head of the department of natural ecosystems and the reserve business of the NNC Nikitsky Botanical Garden, the general director of the Cape Martyan Nature Reserve in Crimea, Doctor of Biological Sciences Ivan Igorevich Maslov died after a serious illness.


E. A. Kolesnikova

A. R. Boltachev



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