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Denisenko Stanislav Grigorevich

Affiliation: Zoological Institute RAS

Position, academic degree, rank: Head of Laboratory, Lead Researcher, D. Sc.

Address: 1 University emb., Saint-Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation

E-mail: stanislav.denisenko@zin.ru


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1965-009X

Scopus Author ID: 7004366919

WoS ResearcherID: S-1282-2017

SPIN-code: 84428

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Research area:
marine benthos ecology;
bioresources of hydrobionts;
ecological well-being assessment of aquatic ecosystems by macrobenthos;
marine bivalves fauna in the Russian Arctic.
Keywords: invertebrate zoology, species and spatial structure of benthic biocenoses, biogeography, rational nature management, marine bivalves.