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Marine Biological Journal

Launched in February, 2016.
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Marine Biological Journal is an open access, peer reviewed (double-blind) journal. The journal publishes original articles as well as reviews and brief reports and notes focused on new data of theoretical and experimental research in the fields of marine biology, diversity of marine organisms and their populations and communities, patterns of distribution of animals and plants in the World Ocean, the results of a comprehensive studies of marine and oceanic ecosystems, anthropogenic impact on marine organisms and on the ecosystems.

Intended audience: biologists, hydrobiologists, ecologists, radiobiologists, biophysicists, oceanologists, geographers, scientists of other related specialties, graduate students, and students of relevant scientific profiles.

Vol 3 № 2 2018: Marine Biological Journal

Published: 2018-06-29

Biogeochemical characteristics of the Sevastopol Bay sedimentation self-purification from radionuclides, mercury and chlorogenic contaminants

V. N. Egorov, S. B. Gulin, L. V. Malakhova, N. Yu. Mirzoyeva, V. N. Popovichev, N. N. Tereshchenko, G. Е. Lazorenko, O. V. Plotitsyna, T. V. Malakhova, V. Yu. Proskurnin, I. G. Sidorov, L. V. Gulina, L. V. Gulina, Yu. G. Marchenko

Pages: 40–52

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On alien polychaete species of the Russian part of South-Eastern Baltic

O. V. Kocheshkova, E. E. Ezhova

Pages: 53–63

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Role of abiotic and biotic factors in formation of the seasonal variability of bioluminescence fields in the Sea of Azov

A. V. Melnik, Yu. N. Tokarev, Iu. B. Belogurova, E. Iu. Georgieva, V. F. Zhuk, M. I. Silakov

Pages: 64–72

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Modification of the ESAW culture medium used for cultivation of marine diatoms

S. L. Polyakova, O. I. Davidovich, Yu. A. Podunay, N. A. Davidovich

Pages: 73–80

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Hydroacoustical regularities of food behavior of dolphins

V. A. Ryabov

Pages: 81–97

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To the anniversary of Oleg Mironov

Colleagues, students, friends

Pages: 98–99

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[Information on the publication of the conference papers collection]

laboratory of ecotoxicology

Pages: 100

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